January 2015 newsletter

The annual meeting of the corporation was held on January 16, 2015. New directors elected were: Paula Gowen, David Johnson, and Marge Van Praag. Directors re-elected were Jim Chrisman and Sharon Fraser. You may join as a member of the corporation by paying $10 per year membership fee.
Grand Staircase is still seeking funding. See separate post.
March 7th — we will have a group of 45 students from Illinois State University – will arrive on evening of March 6th. Three meals will need to be provided plus overnight sleeping bag arrangements with shower facilities. They will work on removing the old floor and chimney from the north end of the building.
Funding and volunteers — still needed. A $500 grant from the grand opening of the Walmart Neighborhood Market has been received. Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis to help with all phases of restoration.
Landscaping – the PB Garden Club with the help of the City Park Department planted three Poplar trees and several hundred bulbs off the south end of the parking lot. As the staircase project is completed, additional landscaping projects are being planned. If you have in interest in landscaping to make this a special area for Poplar Bluff, get involved in this project.
Iron Mountain Market — the new year will see a significant change in the Farmers Market activity.
Workshop — A temporary woodworking shop is being set up in the south end of the building to provide capabilities for the renewal project. We expect to be able to make the moldings needed in restoration.

Silent Auction is being planned in the near future. Stay tuned for more details.

We are open to productive uses for the building. Give us your ideas.

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